The stories are the essence of my movies. My signum.
The wedding is just a background, it's the people who make the story. The thought of capturing characters in our wedding films is what makes it possible to get to know these people.
We are trying to get to know you who marry. Not for the color scheme you chose, the decorations, the bridal shower or the budget. We want to know what really matters to you, what you dream about and what brings you together. Character is about depth, lust and purpose. To truly develop a character involves giving personality to the viewers and when done, one should get a sense of who these people really are. Believe me when I say that there are such stories you will be affected by.

Let's create such stories together.


Ever since I was a kid I´ve been creating images in some way. Drawings, like every other kid would do. The best ones I saved in a binder and now my own kids are using those drawings to get inspiration for their own art. It’s a legacy for sure. Later I occasionally swapped out the pencil for a brush and a canvas.
Now days, my brush, is my camera. Phone, DSLR or camcorder. Stills or motion pictures. It doesn´t matter.
-"Daddy, you just wanna go there so you could have some nice pictures or some nice videos, my kids tell me.
Yeah I do. But not only because I wanna bring home beautiful imagery. I also wanna capture those moments because I know my family will cherish those pictures and be able to relive those moments again is invaluable.
So, just like my kids are enjoying my "masterpieces" from back then and most certainly will appreciate every image I take and every snippet of video in the future, I want to give you that joy for yourself and for many generations to come.

Let´s create some images together.


-"OMG!! I can't believe how beautiful you are…"

The Groom breaks down in tears at the first look and every word is picked up by the microphone. Myself is standing 30 fts away and through the headphones it feels like he is crying on my shoulder.

Filmmaking is a craft. And like every other crafts-people you need tools.
But at the end of the day, if you can´t utilize and convey all those tools into something that really matters, the tools is pretty much useless.

I hold one thing particular close to my heart, one thing that ofcourse stills can´t bring to the table….Audio.
That particular scene described above wouldn´t be same without that clear, crisp audio. During the day there will be a lot of those special moments where audio plays a crucial role whether you will feel that strong prescence in your film or not and i can assure you…we got you covered.

Let's do such crafting together.


"You made me cry. Again!"

I often hear that.

Getting you to cry is not an end in itself, but I want to make you feel something.

When I started out, I want to give something beyond the typical "music video" style you often see.
An alternative for those couples who want their stories in the most natural and beautiful way but with a third dimension. An option for those couples who are as passionate as I am and adventurous enough to give the little extra, which I would do, to make your film look like nothing like anyone seen before.
And later ... when you look at the your film, I want you to feel it was so worth it.
Even though 40 years from now I want your children and grandchildren to feel that it was worth it.
There may be a tear from your eyes and when it comes, I know you felt something.

Let's create that feeling together.