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Maybe you are an aspiring wedding filmmaker or you may have been around for a while but feel that you need a new approach? I have been doing this for almost 10 years now and have been through an incredible amount through all the weddings I have filmed. All this collective experience I now want to share with you through these 1 to 1 sessions. Among other things, we talk about …..

-Gear. What can work for you and your way of working? Not only do I share my own equipment list I use to create my films, but as a tech-crazy and gadget-loving man, I also keep track of new gadgets that are suitable for us independent filmmakers. We cover everything from sounds (recorders, microphones, mosquitoes), lights (external light sources if needed), cameras (Canon in particular), computers and all other peripherals between heaven and earth that can be helpful in your filmmaking.

-Storytelling. Storytelling and speaking voices have been my hallmark throughout the years. We talk about how to extract as much of the bride and groom’s story as possible and the preparations that can be made so that you can then incorporate it nicely into your film.

-Business. You want to create a sustainable business in the long run where you feel that you get paid for your fine craftsmanship you do. We analyze together what you offer / want to offer and how to package it so that both you and the customer are satisfied.

-Post-production and delivery. We talk about tips and tricks in editing that will make your life a little easier. You get tips on Plug-ins and techniques that allow you to minimize the time at the editing table. You also get to see what a full delivery project can look like.

All this and much more we talk about in a timeframe of your choice.

The sessions are paid per hour and they take place via Skype / Teams / Hangout or other service as desired.

You decide a time which suits you and what areas you want to immerse into through the form here.


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