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Film från luften tar din film till en annan nivå, bokstavligen talat. Att få en blick över omgivningarna, från ett perspektiv som inte är möjligt på annat sätt, är en mycket uppskattad möjlighet. Används för komplementära sekvenser till filmen och inte avsett för live-bruk.

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  1. Diandra Mezta

    If you have the room in your budget to allow for the aerial shots, it’s definitely worth the money. If you’re getting married overseas, it’s an absolute must.

    My sister got married only 2 years before I did, in Southern California no less where she had her pick of thousands of videographers, and not one person she interviewed offered aerial shots. When Patric offered it to us, we were really thrilled because it was something relatively new to wedding films. As an American living in Sweden many of my elderly family members could not attend our wedding and the aerial shots of where live in Sweden really helped to set the scene for them when they watched it. So many of my relatives were amazed by how beautiful Sweden is, and it is, but the footage in Patric’s adept hands was pure magic.

    Aerial shots added a really extra special touch to our wedding film; for the people who couldn’t attend the wedding, they could see how beautiful it was, but it also helped to set the scene and mood of the day.

    If you’re getting married in especially scenic location or during a time of year when things are at their greenest and in full bloom, spend the extra money. You’ll thank me later.

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