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En av de mest populära tilläggen. Med en snyggt komponerad trailer, likt de på hemsidan, får man en liten smak av dagen. Perfekt att dela med familj och vänner online eller när man bara vill ha en liten titt istället för att titta på fullängdsfilmen.

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  1. Diandra Mezta

    Our video is one of the ones featured above and when we received it and shared it with family, it was a wonderful way to set expectations for our wedding film. We were expecting a short series of clips (a minute or two max) but Patric produced a 4 minute glimpse into the emotion and feel of the day. Even watching the other trailers, you get the sense of what these weddings were like. You watch these four minutes and you feel like you’re a guest.

    I think the most important thing about these trailers is how much joy and love are translated into the images Patric assembles. Anyone can put together a series of clips in Final Cut Pro, but Patric has a vision and an ability to translate those clips into something evocative. You feel the joy and happiness through the screen and isn’t that what we all want? I don’t know any of the people in the trailers, but you watch them and think: what joy, what elation, people meeting for the first time, it’s wonderful.

    For my family members that were unable to attend our wedding (I am American), the trailer was a really nice way for us to share the event with them before the film was finished. My grandparents couldn’t travel to Sweden and being able to send them the trailer to watch so soon after our wedding was a wonderful treat. They were so excited to see the full length film, but as they couldn’t attend the wedding, getting a small peek into the day was enough to tide them over until the full-length film was finished. If you have family & friends that can’t attend, it’s a way to share your day with them as quickly as possible before the film is finished.

    Patric did an exceptional job assembling the footage and getting the trailer to us ASAP; being able to see our wedding day again so quickly after was nice. I think most of us spend so much of that day worrying about things that can (and do) go wrong, getting ready, saying hello to all our guests, etc, that it’s difficult to soak in the day and just bask in the moment. Patric’s trailers (and his films) let us do that, whenever we want.

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