How can we access your pricelist in full?
Sure, just go to prices and see what i have to offer.
Are there different packages or how do you choose the scope of your booking?
You can choose the starter package that includes most of what you want. In addition, you can choose add-ons to spice up your experience a little extra in the end product. If you want many add-ons, we tailor a package and a price together
Can we choose the music?
No! The main reason is that all music used in the films needs to be licensed. Also, creating a film is a creative process where i need full freedom for best results to be achieved. To remove part of that freedom we don’t want to. I can promise that i will not add ”Gangnam Style” as a background song.
How do we book?
Once you have determined the scope of your package, you will sign an agreement online. After the booking-fee has been paid, the date is yours.
How far in advance do we need to book?
Requests arrive in about a year before the current season and come in with shorter intervals after the turn of the year. Do you dare to wait? The sooner the better to be sure of getting your date.
How long does it take to get our film delivered?
Depends on the season and the actual scope of your package but usually somewhere between 4-8 weeks.